Ophthalmology Landing Pages: What You Need

Unlike a website, where users can peruse various web pages, landing pages are custom pages with unique URLs that can only be “landed” on when one clicks the link. They’re specific to the message/offer you’re advertising and are also a great opportunity to encourage more traffic on your website. The main idea of a landing page is to create a conversion funnel. The ultimate goal of cataract/refractive marketing (CRM): scheduling an appointment. It’s important to have a form on your landing page to collect leads. These leads are then captured and an individual within the practice can follow-up. One of the best ways to drive traffic down this funnel is to display your offer & have a “Claim this offer” form. Learn more about updating your offer in our previous blog. If you have any questions about marketing for your eye practice or need ophthalmology marketing ideas, reach out to us!