How Often Should You Switch Campaigns?

Coming up with a new campaign “offer” seems like an exhausting task to do– especially in a medical practice, where marketing meetings are squeezed in between seeing patients. When it comes to LASIK marketing, cataract marketing, or any other type of cataract/refractive marketing (CRM), there will almost always be a “cheaper” alternative.  The best recommendation is to consistently emphasize what sets your practice/services apart (advanced technology, years in practice, doctor achievements, safety protocols). As your audience becomes aware of the reasons they would want to use your services, you can then create a sense of urgency with offers. This sense of urgency occurs when we include “this summer, this holiday season, only this month, special offer, limited time only.” Running the same “$1000 Off LASIK!” offer can be fatiguing– if there’s always an offer, why would there be a need to visit your website? It’s best to find the months out of the year that have lower surgical volumes to really emphasize these offers. Make sure to have a unique landing page with a form to gather your conversions.